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Our priority at Canine Campus is to offer a safe and stress free environment for your dogs and cats.

We exercise our dogs in small play groups based on size, temperament, and age.  There are slow and careful introductions made between dogs that have never played together.  This is done on lead with different handlers until the dogs indicate they will be OK together.  The play groups are never left unattended when they are out together during exercise.  If you have a dog that prefers to be with humans only, they will not go out with any other dogs at exercise time.

We offer holistic/alternate options to relieve stress and anxiety to help those dogs who have a little more trouble adjusting to being away from their owners.  This includes “through a dogs ear” music, DAP (dog appeasing pheramone plug ins), thundershirts, essential oils, and rescue remedy.  We also recommend activities for the dog to help focus their nose and brain on problem solving activities.

We keep dogs on a schedule so they get familiar and comfortable with the routine quickly.

We cater to dogs with special needs.  Those that have mobility issues are provided yoga mats in their rooms to help keep their footing.  We have ramps to easily get them into their run or the exercise yard.  We have essential oils to spray for helping blind dogs find their way around.  We give insulin shots and special feeding and medications for those dogs who need these items delivered on a strict schedule.



Canine Campus was built in 2000-2001 and opened its doors over Easter of 2001.  Marianne Giuffre and Marge Wappler, the original owners, had a vision and proceeded to build their pet resort from ground up.  It was just the two of them at the start, but as clients started knocking down the door, they hired staff and continued to grow and grow.

Marianne & Marge gradually honed Canine Campus’ services to treat you pets like they were their own. They created as much of a stress free environment as possible and came up with a routine that our boarders could count on day to day and stay to stay. They wanted to get to know both our pet and human clients so both would feel comfortable. From the beginning, it was essential that all new clients toured the facility before they could board, ensuring that our human clients would be comfortable with where their family members were staying and who would be taking care of them.

To keep up with the clients’ needs, daycare services were added and then expanded as demand warranted.  Aqua Paws, an underwater treadmill for dog exercise and conditioning, was also added.

After 15 years, they made the difficult decision to retire and started looking for a buyer.  In May of 2016, the sale was finalized, and Mary Helinski, a friend of many years, took on the responsibility of keeping their vision going.

Owner Biography – Mary Helinski


Mary Helinski

I retired as a Commander in 2005 after 21 years active duty in the US Navy as a Civil Engineer Corps Officer. I have lead military, civilian (US and foreign) and contract personnel in nearly all aspects of shore based facility management. This included Public Works functions (utilities, transportation, maintenance, planning/design, services, etc), construction, project management, environmental, and budgeting, as well as administering numerous multi-million dollar contracts under the Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR).

Since retiring, I have been consistently working with dogs. As a volunteer with Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin (GRRoW), I have conducted over 200 temperament testing on dogs, fostered over 40 dogs (most with behavioral and/or medical issues) in my home, developed new procedures and electronic business tools, streamlined organization processes and staffing, trained countless other volunteers and provided training and behavioral consultations.

I have been active in K9 Search and Rescue (SAR) work since 2007. I have trained, certified, and deployed one dog during this time period. He is now retired and I am working towards certification with two others. I have been a lead trainer for a dozen other SAR personnel.

I served as President of North American Search Dog Network (NASDN) for 4 years, a nationally recognized certifying and training agency. I  lead the organization into upgrading our processes to meet current industry standards, developing business tools and data management, and instructing and certifying dogs for our volunteers.

  • I am a current K9 Trainer at Washington County Humane Society, teaching basic obedience and scent classes.
  • I completed one year of Veterinary technician school and worked at an emergency clinic during my coursework.
  • I have helped out at Canine Campus as kennel staff when they have been short handed.


  • BS(Ocean Engineering) 1984 US Naval Academy
  • MS (Civil Engineering) 1994 University of Maryland
  • MA (National Strategy and Policy) 1999 US Naval War College