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Aqua Paws




Aqua Paws is a treadmill that works in water.  The dog enters the see-through enclosure, which gradually fills with water fromthe bottom of the tank to about elbow level.  The treadmill starts to move and the dog begins to walk.  The resistance of the water increases the dog’s work.  It is particularly good for strengthening back legs.  Swimming engages mostly the front legs, but on the treadmill, the dog must use all four legs to walk.  Some of the advantages to this type of exercise are:

  • less stress on joints
  • improved strength and flexibility
  • weight loss
  • increased endurance and cardio fitness

Aqua paws is a great alternative to land exercise, specifically for overweight and older dogs, conditioning for working dogs, and those recovering from injury or surgery.

VETERINARIAN approval is required to exercise with us.


Aqua Paws Rates:
The initial session to discuss your dog’s medical conditions and goals as well as tank familiarization and initial evaluation is charged at $34.  We will discuss a plan of action and recommend either 10 minute or 20 minute session.  You can purchase these sessions individually or at a discounted bulk rate.

10 minute:   $19.90

20 minute:  $34.00




Please bring a towel and treats for your dog. 

You will be sent a medical history and hold harmless agreement to fill out once your booking request is received.  This will need to be filled out and have veterinary approval in order to participate.

Dogs will not be allowed in the tank if they are dirty, matted, have open wounds, or have any other issues that will contaminate the water. Dogs that eliminate in the water will be charged a clean up fee.