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Dogs coming for daycare stay in the same rooms that boarding dogs do.  They have the same routine except they don’t stay overnight and normally are not fed here.  They will still get a snack before quiet time in the afternoon along with all our boarding dogs.  Both boarding and daycare dogs are put into the same exercise schedule.

Offered Monday – Friday

Limited offerings Sat on a wait list basis (if rooms available)

Drop off between 7 & 9am.
Pick up between 5 & 6pm.


(includes snack delivery, 2-3 potty times in private run, one 15 minute playtime in a small play group or alone if requested):

Room with one dog        $17.00

Room with two dogs       $22.50

A la Carte Items:

The following ala carte items can be added to your dogs boarding stay to tailor his/her experience.  You have the option to choose up to two additional activities per day to best match your dogs’ personal preferences.  Each item is for a 20 minute session at a cost of $9.  Do not count the 15 minute playtime already included with the room rate when calculating total activities for your stay.

  • yard exercise (multiple dogs from same family charged at reduced rate of $5)
  • Scent games (per dog, done individually)
  • Cuddle time in room (per room, multiple dogs no extra cost)
  • walk (per dog, done individually)