July 31 update

Many of our existing customers as well as all our new clients have successfully been using our client portal and we are not getting as many questions as I anticipated.  This is great news.  Because of this, I am opening the portal up now to anyone who wants to use it.

The link to the portal is on our home page.  If you are already a client, DO NOT create a new account.  You already have one.  Log in as an existing client who has forgotten their password.  You will be sent a temporary one in an email.  If you have problems logging in, please contact us.  The most likely problem is that your existing account is under an old email address or we do not have one on file.

If you are a new client and do not have an account with us, log in as a new user.

In either case, you will be sent a welcome email with attached instructions for navigating the site.

The website has been updated with these changes and all the old forms removed.  I have added some additional information on how the rates are established and explanations on what some of the boarding charges will look like on your invoices.

Several folks have also asked “what are scent games”?  I have added a page that describes this.

Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation on this as we go through the transition.


PS  Our construction project to fix the drainage issue at the front door is now complete.  We also have added a 20′ concrete pad that runs the length of the building so all of our clients can park and get their pets out on concrete instead of gravel.  The concrete is safe to walk on now, but won’t be open for parking until 4 Aug.

July 15, 2017 update

Dear Clients,

As I briefly explained last month, we have implemented a new kennel management software at Canine Campus called ProPet.  The transition from the old to the new system has gone fairly well, with only a few minor glitches along the way.  We are ready to launch the second phase of the implementation and I want to take a few minutes to explain this in a little more detail.

There are a couple pieces to phase II:

  • Launching our ala carte menu
  • Introducing new bulk packages for daycare and revised packages for aqua paws
  • Launching the client portal

The official effective date for the ala carte menu and the bulk packages is 17 July, although we have started some gradual implementation already.  If you would like to update current reservations with any of these changes, please contact us and we will update your booking.  Additional information on the ala carte and bulk packages are included at the end of this message.

Access to the client portal will be staggered over the next few months.  Although we have detailed instructions written and have tested out the portal with a couple of clients, we anticipate there will be questions as you start to get familiar with the Propet program.  We want to have time to respond to each of you so we are going to stagger the invitations to log into the system.  We will stagger clients as follows:

  • Regular daycare clients
  • Boarding clients with reservations prior to labor day
  • Boarding clients with reservations from labor day – new years
  • Aqua paw & new clients
  • Current clients with no reservations in 2017

Your invitation email will include a link to the Propet site and a temporary password.  Instructions will be attached to the email.  Logging into the client portal is not mandatory, but if you want to use this tool, you will need to have a valid email address on file with us.

Thank you for working with us on this software upgrade and transition.




In the past, you had a choice of one or two 15 minute playtimes (second playtime was at an additional cost) for boarding, and daycare was automatically two 15 minute playtimes.  Brushing was included as part of the second exercise.  Please note that all prices listed below do NOT include tax.

Old rates

  • Boarding one dog one playtime         $29.90
  • Boarding one dog two playtimes        $29.90+ 8.50=38.40
  • Boarding two dogs one playtime         $29.90 + 20 = 49.90
  • Boarding two dogs two playtimes       $38.40 + 25 = 63.40
  • Day care one dog                                     $26
  • Daycare two dogs                                    $26 + 10.50 = 36.50

We have restructured our new boarding and day care to only include one 15 minute playtime, but with the option to choose up to two additional activities per day to best match your dogs’ personal preferences.  Brushing is no longer included as part of these activities.

New rates:

  • one room one dog                      $29.90
  • one room two dogs                    $49.90
  • Day care one dog                        $17
  • Daycare two dogs                       $22.50
  • Ala carte items                            $9

These ala carte items are:

  • yard exercise (multiple dogs allowed from same family, reduced rate)
  • Scent games (per dog, done individually)
  • Cuddle time in room (per room, multiple dogs no extra cost)
  • walk (per dog, done individually)

Each of these activities are 20 minutes and cost $9.  Prices for more than one dog per family vary with the activity as noted above (price of $5 vs $9 for additional dog for certain activities).

Some examples:

  • 1 boarding dog with an extra exercise per day: basic room rate of $29.90 + $9 = $38.90.
  • 1 boarding dog with extra exercise & scent game: $29.90+9+9= $47.90
  • 2 boarding dogs in same room with a cuddle time: 2 dog/room rate of $49.90+$9=$58.90
  • 2 boarding dogs same room with extra exercise: $49.90+9+5=$63.90
  • 1 daycare dog with extra exercise: $17+9=$26
  • 2 daycare dogs in same room with extra exercise and cuddle time: $22.50+9+5+9=$45.5

These ala carte items can be added every day or scheduled intermittently during the boarding stay (for example, cuddle in room every day, but extra exercise every other day).

We also offer brushing and baths as ala carte items.  The prices for these vary by size and coat.

Aqua Paws can also be offered as an additional ala carte item or as a bulk package.  You have a choice of a 10 minute or 20 minute session.  You will need to fill out a medical form for your dog to participate in this activity.  These will not be scheduled more frequently than every other day and depends on availability of trained staff members.


If you purchase one of our daycare bulk packages (10 sessions), you will receive a 10% discount off the total price.  The discount is only available if you purchase at least one ala carte item with it.

Note:  You can book a one playtime daycare, however, there is no discounted package for this service.

Daycare (one dog in room)                                                                                          144

Daycare (multiple dogs same room)                                                                        189


Ala Carte choices                                                                                                              $             

Yard exercise one dog                                                                                                   90

Yard exercise additional dogs (per dog)                                                                 50

Cuddle in room (by room – includes multiple dogs if in same room)          90

Scent games or walk (per dog – conducted individually)                                 90


Some examples (current rate shown for comparison only):

One dog + second playtime:

  • Current rate $26. For 10 session: $260
  • New rate $144 + $90=$234  (savings of $26)

Two dogs same room + second playtime:

  • Current $36.50 x 10 = $365.50
  • New $189 + 90 + 50 = $329 (savings of 36.50)


There are two packages available for aqua paws session.  A package of five (5% discount) or a package of ten (10% discount).  You can get either 10 or 20 minute sessions.  The rates are as follows:

  • 10 min – 5 sessions (18.52/session) = $92.60
  • 20 min – 5 sessions (32.30/session) = $161.50
  • 10 min – 10 sessions (17.55/session) = $175.50
  • 20 min – 10 sessions (30.60/session) = $306.00


Posted May 17, 2017

Dear Clients,

It is hard to believe I have now owned the business for a year.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our long standing clients as well as meeting our new ones.  I cannot thank you all enough for your continued trust in our facility.

I have been listening to your feedback over the past year and am implementing some changes in order to better serve your needs.

  • We are restructuring our workforce to better accommodate your needs. We will have a dedicated person answering phone calls and emails Monday-Friday between the hours of  8-11 AM and 6-8 PM (approximately).  This person will have no other onsite responsibilities, so it will be much easier to talk directly to someone during those time periods.  We will always return any messages left as soon as possible.  This will be effective 22 May.
  • Saturday check out time will remain at 8 AM sharp, but Saturday drop off times will now be 9-10 AM instead of 9:30-11 AM.  This will be effective starting May 20th, however, we will be very flexible the first two weekends because of the transition.
  • We will be adding a Saturday evening drop off and pick up between 5-6 PM. This will be effective starting 20 May.   This means that the only time we will NOT have lobby hours is Sunday morning.  I am hoping this additional opportunity to pick up or drop off you dog will alleviate some of the frustration with weekend bookings.  If you have a current reservation you wish to modify based on this information, please give us a call or email.
  • I will be offering limited day care opportunities on Saturday. This service will only be offered if there are vacant rooms available as of 6 PM the Thursday prior.  If this is something you are interested in, your name will be put on a waitlist and you will be contacted Thursday evening with a confirmation or denial to your request.

We are also upgrading our kennel management software.  The new program will allow you to request reservations online, create feeding & medication instructions, upload vaccination records, and add other pertinent information.  You will have your own private account, and can request changes, review your future bookings, and manage your account directly on line.  This will allow us to send you automated email reminders for upcoming stays, vaccination reminders, kennel news and other pertinent information, as well as streamline our check in-process.    As always, call-in requests and emails are still welcome.  More detailed information will be sent to you as we proceed.  This change will also eliminate the current email issues we are having with our website interface.

In conjunction with this software upgrade, our pricing structure will look a little different, however, the cost will remain as is with a few exceptions.  We will be adding more ala carte options, which will allow you to tailor your dog’s activities to his/her particular needs.  We will also be adding a discount package for daycare.    The date these will be effective is yet to be determined, but will be at some point in late May/early June and we will work with you to update any reservations you have already made.

We will not be offering online payment options at this time, but it is planned to be added in the near future, hopefully before the end of the year.

We ask that you please bear with us as we transition over to the new software system and workforce changes.  We have a transition plan, but as you all know, things don’t always go according to plan.  That said, our priority is always taking care of our boarding pets and that will not change regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Thank you very much for your continued support, understanding, and business.