Fee Policy

Canine Campus Fee Policy

Evening Drop off

Rates are calculated based on a morning drop off.  If you drop off in the evening, you will be charged a lesser evening drop off rate instead of the basic day rate.  


Due to high demand for weekend boarding, a flat two day rate (based on number of playtimes and number of dogs or cats per room) will be charged for pets staying Sat morning through Sun evening.  We will allow for special pickups and drop offs on Sat evening and Sun morning by request if we are able to do this without impacting the care to other clients.  The full weekend rate will be charged regardless of a special pickup or drop off.   Special pickups and drop offs will be as follows:

  • 5 PM on Sat
  • 8:30AM on Sun

This will also apply to certain Holidays…ask our staff if you are booking over a holiday.

Early Pick up (weekdays)

If your pet is currently boarding with us and you want to pick up before your scheduled reservation ends, we will accommodate those wishes as best as possible during normal pick up and drop off hours. You will still be charged for the entire stay, however, the rate for the unused portion of the stay will be billed at the basic room rate of $29.90, and you will not be charged for second playtimes or multiple pets in the same room.  


Clients will not be charged a cancellation fee if they cancel their reservation earlier than seven days prior to their intended stay (14 days for holiday stays).   If you cancel closer to the stay than this time period, you will be subject to a cancellation fee of $14.95/day (50% of the basic room rate) for the length of the reservation.  The rate is independent of number of playtimes or number of pets in the room.  If a deposit had been collected, this will be used as the cancellation fee.  

Cancellations for day care and Aqua Paws must be done at least 24 hours in advance.  If less than 24 hours, a  cancellation fee (roughly 50%) will be applied.  This is $17 for Aqua Paws and $13 for Day Care .


Deposits will be collected from all new clients for their first reservation only and normally at the end of their tour of the facility.

Deposits will also be collected from all clients for reservations over the following holidays:  

                      Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  

These deposits will be collected approximately 45 days in advance of the holiday. You will receive a phone call from the kennel and we can either take your credit card information at that time, or you can mail in a check (must be received within 30 days of reservation or it will be cancelled)

Deposits will be charged at $14.95/day (50% of the basic room rate).


Reservation changes due to true emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis.