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I loooove it here…book me another daycare.


You can log into our client portal:

  • If you have not logged in previously, log in as an existing client who has forgotten their password. DO NOT create a new account.
  • or you can call or email us to send you an invitation that contains a temporary password.
  • in either case, you will be sent a welcome email with attached instructions for navigating the site

You can send us an email at:

  • be sure to include the date and time of both drop off and pick up, type of room you prefer, a la carte options you want to order, and any other pertinent details.
  • You will be send booking information when reservation is made.

You can call us at: 262 244-7549

  • we will book the reservation based on the details collected during the phone call


I’m ready…what are you waiting for



All NEW clients of Canine Campus are required to enter their information on our client portal, take a campus tour, and submit a deposit before a reservation will be confirmed for your pets.

Please use the green client portal button at the bottom of the page and register as a new client.  Fill out you and your pets information, electronically sign the three agreements, upload vaccination records, and request a tour (under book now/other service reservation).  We will contact you to schedule the tour once we receive the information.






get out your check book Mom, we want to come back.


Our rates are based on and am to am cycle.  Our software will calculate days based on these parameters, therefore pick ups and drop offs in the evening are calculated differently.

We do not provide a discount if you pick up in the evening…you will be charged the full rate as if you picked up the following morning.  Since the software doesn’t consider an evening pick up a full day, you will see this reflected on your invoice as a “evening pick up day” instead of a day.

We do, however, provide a discount if you drop off in the evening instead of the morning.  You will see this reflected on your invoice as “late drop off discount” in addition to the rate for that day.