Suites and Yards

You choose where your pet stays . . .

Fiesta Area:  best for younger dogs, very social dogs and dogs that prefer lots of activity.  Total of 20 rooms.

Siesta Area:  preferred by more mature dogs, dogs that enjoy a more secluded environment, or one without a lot of activity. Total of 10 rooms.

The Family Suite:  an extra large suite for multiple dog households.  Rate includes 2 dogs.  Only one of these types of rooms available.

All suites come with natural sunlight and a twenty foot private outdoor run for breaks. All rooms (except family room) are the same size, regardless of whether they are in the fiesta or siesta area. They are large enough to accommodate crates, doggy beds, and most any other item you want to bring along for your dog to keep him comfortable.  


We have three outdoor fenced areas separate from the private runs where dogs go out in small playgroups or by themselves for exercise.  Two are long and narrow and consist of pea gravel, mulch, and grass.  Our third yard is nearly square and only contains pea gravel.  Dogs are rotated through the yards for playtime.  We also have misters and kiddie pools when the weather gets hot.  Please bring along your dog’s favorite toys, or we have some he can borrow while he’s here.

Canine Campus Day Care puts together play groups based on size and temperament.   Dogs, like their ancestor the wolf, are by nature pack animals.  In nature, large packs are the exception not the norm.

We “buddy” your dog in small groups no larger than 2 or 3 to promote your pet’s sense of confidence and safety.  Your dog gets more constructive play in an easily controlled environment .

And, if your dog doesn’t play well with others, one of our human buddies will provide alternative activities to keep them busy.



Chilling out in a Siesta Suite. Glad mom packed my bed, but the floor is nice and warm (or cool in summer)

Fiesta Suite view from my private run. The fleece on the door helps keep other dogs from barking at me when they walk past.


All rooms are the same size, regardless of whether they are in the fiesta or siesta area, and can hold your dog’s crate if he wants to bring it along

This is my very own private run. I get do do my business here 5-6 times a day without other dogs bothering me. It goes right into my indoor room

Here are what the private runs look like from the exercise yard in the Fiesta area

Here is the east exercise yard. There’s another one like it on the west and a smaller one on the north. Lots of room to chase balls or just enjoy the outdoors.

Here’s an inside view of the Fiesta Area.

Here’s a view of one of the Siesta hallways.  They have different doors and no other rooms directly across from them.