Boarding and Daycare


Dogs boarding with us will follow a daily schedule (see our “from a dog’s view” page) in order to help them settle into a routine.  We normally feed twice a day (7am and 4pm), but other accommodations can also be made if more are needed.  We provide treats before afternoon nap time (1pm) and at bed time (9pm).  Special orders for food and treats do not upset us:-).  We have a refrigerator and freezer and can accommodate just about any kind of diet.  We also provide medication and supplements as needed (prescriptions must be provided in original container from veterinarian).   We have plenty of bowls for food and water, but if your dog needs his own special containers, please bring them along.  Please label all items you bring so we can make sure they get back home to you when you pick up your dog.


Dogs coming for daycare stay in the same rooms that boarding dogs do.  They have the same routine except they don’t stay overnight and normally are not fed here.  They will still get a snack before quiet time in the afternoon along with all our boarding dogs.  Both boarding and daycare dogs are put into the same exercise schedule.

Offered Monday – Friday

Limited offerings Sat on a wait list basis (if rooms available)

Drop off between 7 & 9am.
Pick up between 5 & 6pm.

Enrich your dog’s day and break up his routine with Day Care at Canine Campus Pet Resort.


Look at how much fun your dog will have!


 dogs playing dogs playing
 dogs playing  dogs playing
 dogs playing dog