Fido Fitness /Aqua Paws

Aqua Paws underwater treadmill – water exercise for dogs.


aqua-pawsAqua Paws is a doggy treadmill that works in water. The dog enters the see-thru enclosure which gradually fills with water from the bottom to about elbow level. The treadmill starts to move and the dog begins to walk. The resistance of the water increases the dog’s work.  Some of the advantages to this type of exercise are: 

  • less stress on joints, improved strength and flexibility,
  • weight loss and increased endurance as well as 
  • cardio-fitness.

Aqua Paws is a great alternative to land exercise especially for older or overweight dogs, and those recovering from injury or surgery (with veterinary approval).


Fido Fitness Aqua Paws Rates:

  • The 1st  visit will be charged as an individual session ($34.00 + tax).


  • 4 twenty minute sessions (5% discount) $135.80 +tax
  • 8 (10%discount) $257.28 +tax
  • 12 (15% discount) $364.44 +tax

Please bring a towel and treats for your dog


  • 10 Minute sessions at $19.50 +tax are available for dogs boarding with us


If you are interested & would like to make an appointment fill out the medical history and informed consent form.  

Upon receipt of this information we will call you to set up an appointment.

E-mail or call us if you have questions or would like to arrange a tour.