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From the dog’s view helps pet lovers to see the world as their dog might see it. .

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Special needs:

SpecialNeeds-1I’m a retired working dog. My hips are worn out and I’m not as strong as I used to be. It’s harder for me to get up without having my feet slip. When I come to Canine Campus they put special soft rubber mats in my room so I have better traction and can get up easily. Oh, did I mention that those heated floors when it’s cold out feel s-o-o good on my achy joints. I noticed the Great Dane down the hall has bad knees and he has the special mats too. (Boy, I hope I get a chance to meet that hunk.)

SpecialNeeds-2I’m a blind dog and when I come to Canine Campus they use special aromatics so I know where my food and water are. It smells good and I can smell it easily because of course I have a great nose. I’m always taken out on lead and walked around the boundaries before I’m let off leash in the play yard. They always call my name if I’m sleeping so I don’t startle like I would if I were touched. I appreciate all the hands on care and I know my people do too!

SpecialNeeds-3I have diabetes and need insulin to stay healthy. I get a special diet and have to eat at special times too. All the staff knows how to give me my shots and my people don’t even get charged extra for this special care. I know if I’m acting something other than MY normal, the staff will call my doctor and my people so I’m back to normal fast.

Any Given Day

  • 7 A.M rise and shine and out to p&p.
  • Breakfast is served and a.m. meds/treatments are provided.
    Out to p&p again so our rooms can be cleaned and our fresh water given.
  • The staff does the dishes and scrubs rooms of dogs gone home.
    We get to watch new dogs come in to stay too. ( Hey, there’s Lucy!)
  • Y-a-a-h, it’s 8:30 & time for exercise. If we like other dogs we get to play with 1 or 2 buddies.
  • It takes time to exercise all the dogs so we watch all our friends take their turn.
  • We get a break after morning exercise cuz we’ve been running a lot.
  • Ok, it’s 11;45 and we’re ready to go again. If our owners wanted it we get to go out and play again.
  • Even if we only get one playtime we all get to go out one more time to p&p before naptime. We get our treats and our water is freshened again. Wow, it’s already 1:30.
  • Y-a-w-n, that nap felt s-o-o good.
    Now it’s 4:30 p.m. and time for dinner and I AM HUNGRY.
  • Some dogs gets pills or shots cuz their vet said so (ya’ know they don’t charge for that).
  • Now we go out to p&p again and our water is freshened
    They wash our dishes and get dogs ready to go home.
  • It must be 5:00 p.m. cuz some dogs are going home and new ones are coming in. ( Oh cool, that cute Bichon just came in. I hope I get to play with her tomorrow.)
  • All the dogs for the day must be here cuz it’s quiet again. Think I’ll take a snooze even though they’re still cleaning rooms of the dogs that left.
  • Wow, time flies. It’s already 9:00 p.m and it’s time for the last call. Everybody out to p&p. O-o-o the treat cart is coming. We all get the treats our owner’s packed and fresh water. It’s lights out and the soft music plays. Did you know all the floors are heated? This is pure heaven..

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