Medical History & Consent Form

Medical History & Consent Form

If you are interested in using Canine Campus Pet Resort’s Aqua Paws treadmill for your dog(s), you will need to follow the below steps:

  • Fill out the on-line application at the bottom of this page and submit (one submission allows for multiple dogs)
  • *Print out the attached Medical History & Informed Consent Form (fill out separate form for each dog, follow instructions for veterinarian signature)
  • *Proof of current rabies vaccinations

*The medical form(s) and rabies vaccination(s) must be emailed ( or faxed (262-244-0786) to canine campus.
You will be contacted to set up initial appointment once these items are received and reviewed.

Other notes:

  • Make sure dog has eaten at least 2 hrs. before exercising
  • Dog must be CLEAN and brushed
  • Bring your own towel(s)
  • Make sure your dog has eliminated before starting
  • No dogs with open wounds will be able to participate
  • Cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hrs in advance of the appointment or you will be charged for the visit.

By submitting these forms you agree to the following statement. “I will assume all risks and contend that my dog is able to participate in a water exercise program. (Fido Fitness Aqua Paws)”